Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're having a...............

BOY!!! Quay, Ava, and I will be welcoming little Samuel sometime in mid-March!! We had our ultrasound today and everything looked great. Little Sam measured perfectly--dead on his estimated due date. The docs said he looks perfect! We are so very excited!! We told Ava, but she just looked at us funny. Poor thing, she doesn't know what's coming. Little Sam's profile picture looks just like Ava's picture from her 20 week visit. I mean, exactly the same! The only way we can tell them apart is the little date at the top of the picture.

I'm a little scared though--we don't have many boys born into our family. This will actually be the first boy on my mom's side in a LONG time. There have been four generations of just girls in our family. My grandpa has been waiting 50 years for a boy to be born in our family. I called him first after telling my parents, because I knew he'd be thrilled. Quay's also pretty proud of himself--he says he single handedly brought a boy into our family. I'm figuring I'm going to need lots of help at the beginning with rearing a boy--I think I've only changed two boy diapers my entire life. This should be fun!!! Here are some pictures of little Sam.

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