Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prizes, Scrapbooking, and Ava

I'm trying to be better at updating my blog, and reading other blogs have started to be inspiration for me. I read MckMama's blog daily and love it! She has such a fresh approach to mothering and her stories are always entertaining. Her youngest child was born about a month ago, but had some complications during the pregnancy. For a while it was touch and go, but baby Stellan was born absolutely perfect! It was amazing to read about his progress, and MckMama's faith throughout the entire time. It was also amazing to watch how God answers prayers and listens when his children call out to him. Following Stellan's story has been a major blessing to me and to my family, because my mom also keeps up with this blog, and we told all of our family about it as well.
Anywho, MckMama has an awesome prize up for grabs right now! There's a link to it on my sidebar--it's called Rebel for a Cause. The prize is great--it's too many wonderful things for me to name on here! The main prize is a new camera. Click on the button to the right to get more information on how to enter. $10 gets you a raffle ticket with all proceeds going to some really wonderful charities!

I think I'm turning in to someone who starts projects and never finishes! I started Ava's scrapbook after she was born last April. I've already filled the book with the pages that came with it with shower pictures, and pictures from the hospital. I've had great intentions to buy more pages and supplies, and keep going. Well, I'm over a year behind! whoops :) While reading through blogs at work (when I should be working) I found a blog that's all about scrapbooking. Let me tell you, she has found her niche! Her pages are absolutely gorgeous. I'm letting them inspire me (hopefully) so I can get started on Ava's again over Christmas Break. It'll take some work, but my hope is to have hers caught up in time for Sam's arrival. That way I can start on Sam's book once he gets here.


Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am to have a precious girl like Ava?? Sure, there are times when I feel like pulling my hair out, or I get really frustrated because she's upset or telling me something and I can't figure out what she wants. But those times are few and far between. She's almost always in a great mood, she loves healthy food, and she's a wonderful sleeper. She's also getting very good with words. She's putting sentences together now, some even 3 and 4 words. Her favorite thing to say is "I get it!" She's turning in to a very independent little girl now. I'm amazed everyday at how much more she learns--and I don't think it's me at all! She stays with a lady from our church who is WONDERFUL! Her name's Jennifer and she has class with them everyday, plus tells them bible stories. I love it that Ava's getting such good one on one attention. I think that's the main reason she speaks so well and understands so much.

One other thing about Ava (I could actually go on all day): she has hair that I would die for! I dry it now because it's getting so long and thick that it would take forever to air dry. A few nights ago I dried her hair, and was green with envy. I wish I had hair like hers!!! She got my color and curls but Quay's texture. Quay's hair is so thick he has to keep it cut really short or he grows an afro! Here's a picture of the back of her hair after drying it. I don't think I've seen many19 month olds with this much hair.

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