Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sam's here!!

Actually, Sam's been here for over a week now, but I've just now found time to write about it. Last Sunday my water broke while we were sitting around the house. Quay was still napping and Ava was watching Backyardigans. We got to the hospital around 4. Sam was born at 8:42. It was the easiest delivery I could have ever imagined! My contractions never got terribly bad, and I only pushed twice. I'm so glad Sam was so nice to me :)

Ava has done wonderfully well getting used to having a baby in the house. It seems like he's always been here to her. She likes him and will talk to him and kiss him on the head, but then she's ready to go play with her toys. The only times she gets a little antsy around him is when he's in the bouncy seat, because she thinks it's her seat.

Nursing is going okay. I'm having to supplement right now, but I hope that won't last for too much longer. I'm taking two different medications that are supposed to increase milk supply, so I'm praying that works. If not, then we'll bottle feed. I'd rather nurse, but if it doesn't work, I won't be devastated. Ava was a bottle fed baby, and she's been very healthy.

Emily had her baby yesterday and is doing great. I'm sure she'll post about it soon!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Umm, we may have a problem....

Sooo, last weekend Quay brought down the swing, bouncy seat, and mini-crib for Sam. Ava has found her a new favorite seat--the bouncy. Looks like there might be a little struggle over who will get that seat when Sam gets here!