Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jump Zone

Ava's cousin Anna Claire had her fourth birthday party at Jump Zone last Sunday. I wasn't sure at first if Ava would like the moonwalks and slides. Well, those thoughts vanished in the first few minutes. We let her start on the small moonwalks, where she could just run around on it. She just sat and watched the older children at first, but then she got the hang of it. This is Anna Claire jumping with Quay and Ava in the background.

After she was used to the big jumping toys, Quay, Joe, and my dad decided to take her on the slides. Emily and I couldn't slide because we're pregnant. :( Too bad. Well, she LOVED them!!! Every picture we took had her smiling with her mouth open as wide as it would go. She would get off the slide, and try to go back up it saying "me, me, please." I think we might be in for some crazy years if she already has no fear of big slides--she's already so active. We might have her party there next year since she liked it so much. All of the other children love it, too.

This is the last picture we took before opening presents. Ava walked over to her diaper bag, grabbed her blanket, and laid down on the floor. She wore herself out!!

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