Monday, July 27, 2009

100% Guaranteed Weight Loss Program

I have come up with a no fail plan for losing those unwanted pounds.

Got your paper and pen ready? Here goes--

Round up 13 3-year olds from 6-9 pm. Keep them in a small room with bad air conditioning and a gym with no air conditioning. Plan lessons and crafts, transport them to snacks, crafts, and music all the while making sure they don't trip over their feet, fall down stairs, beat up each other, and break down wanting their mommy. Repeat for five nights straight.

VBS is kicking my tail this week! But hey, at least it's making that tail a little smaller.....the scales are finally moving.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

See, what had happened was....

****NEW POSTS BELOW! I finally imported all of our pictures from our old computers, so they're added now.****

Yes, I've been terrible at writing blogs lately. Going back to work full time then coming home to two children has been a little crazy, then Ava broke our computer once school was out. So we sent it to a repair shop along with another computer from a few years back that quit working, and it turns out it's cheaper to buy a new one than repair either one. A lot of things have happened since my last posts, and I've been keeping a mental list of things I want to write about--Ava moving to a big girl bed, Sam's four month update, Quay's triathlons, etc. We now have a new computer so I've begun a few of the posts, but I don't have a lot of pictures to go along with them. They were all on the computer that broke. We're supposed to get all of the docs and pictures that were on the computers on CD's sometime this week, so I should be able to post soon.

This needs no pictures though. Ava has started saying the funniest things lately. Our car rides usually consist of us going through the alphabet, numbers, and pointing out colors. We've been working on last names the past few days at home, and she knows Ava Scott, Mommy Scott, Daddy Scott, and Sam Scott. Of course, she assumed everyone was Scott (Eeby Scott, Granny Scott, etc) I told her that Emily (Eeby) was Emily Wentzky and she replied, "Oh Eeby Whiskey." She thought for a second and said "and Joe Whiskey?" Such a smart little thing, she put those two together.

So today after church, we were riding in the car and out conversation went something like this

Me: "What's your name?"

Ava: "Ava Scott"

Me: "What's my name?"

Ava: "Mommy Scott"

(I won't bore you with all the others, but we went through Daddy, Sam, Oscar, Emily, and Joe. She got all those right)

Me: "What's Grandma's name?"

Ava: "Grandma Scott"

Me: "No, Grandma is Grandma Brown"

Ava: "Oh"

Me: "So what's Grandpa?"

Ava:".....Grandpa Purple!"

Maybe we should just stick to teaching one thing at a time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

4 months old!

Whoops, I think I missed the 3 month post :) Poor second child, he's already getting left out! Sam weighed 15.5 pounds and was 24.5 inches long at his appt. I looked up Ava's stats from her 4 month and she was 14.5 pounds and 25.5 inches long, so she was a pound less but an inch more. Sam's in the 65%ile for his weight and 35th for height. He's short and fat!! But he's cute and sweet, so that's all that matters.

Sam now eats about 6 oz at each feeding, we've started on rice cereal at night, and he sleeps like a champ! He rolls from his back to his side, but can't get over his arm to get all the way over. He smiles all the time, but he makes you work for his laughs.

Sam after a bath.

Ava helps me during feeding time.

Almost all the way over!!

Our big girl!

Ava moved to her big girl bed! I tell ya, it was a little hard for me. Just like losing her baby fat on her legs, it's one step closer to looking like a big girl and not a toddler. Makes me tear up a little. We were prepared for a few nights of whining, crying, screaming, and putting her back in bed after she got up, but she sure surprised us! The first night she cried for a little bit, but never tried to get up. After that night, she went straight to bed without fussing! Now, when it's time for bed, we ask her if she wants us to carry her, or is she going to walk like a big girl. She says "I do big girl," picks up her blanket, walks to her room and gets in bed. She never ceases to amaze us. We just hope she'll keep this up! This is a picture of her the morning after her first night. Just like her mom, she's not much of a morning person when she wakes and she's not fond of pictures before she can fix her hair. She was trying to hide her face while I was pushing a camera in front of her.

Cola Triathlon

This is Quay's third season doing triathlons, and he's gotten better and better every year. I try to go to as many as I can each year, but it's getting harder now with the children. Ava and I did travel to Columbia with Quay for one a few weeks back. We decided to take her back to this one because the triathlon is in a neighborhood instead of a state park and there's a lot for Ava to see and do while there. Quay did great like he always does, and had a great time. He was ranked first in his age group throughout the state until last week's Tri the Pee Dee. He didn't get to to do that one because we were on vacation, and two racers passed him in rakings. Quay's taking the next month or so off from racing and just focusing on training, because he has a half iron man and iron man coming up in the fall. Here are some pictures from the race. We'll be heading to Alabama in August for Nationals--I can't wait to go to that one with him!

Ava's waiting to see Daddy come out of the swim.

Finishing the swim, sorry it's blurry
Finishing the bike