Friday, September 26, 2008

Eye Teeth and a big ole belly

Ava's been cutting eye teeth this week, which means she's been ill and her tummy's been upset. I feel so bad for her--all of her other teeth didn't cause this much trouble. My mom, sister, and I took her to the mall last night and she was great through most of it, then started throwing a terrible fit in the middle of a store. I know it's just because of her teeth and she doesn't feel good, plus it was getting late, but I wish I could help her :( Luckily, one tooth has come through, and the other is almost-it should be through in the next few days (Lord, I hope so!). My mom said when I was little, my eye teeth were the hardest for them, and I wonder if it's like that for most toddlers. She already has four up top, four on the bottom, and her first molars.

Now if I point to my belly and ask Ava what's this?, she'll says BABY!! It's so cute.

Speaking of my belly, it's gotten HUGE in the past week. I woke up one morning, and I look like I'm five months pregnant!! I've always heard the second shows a lot earlier, I just don't think I was expecting THIS much to be showing! I am almost 16 weeks now so I guess it's all right if I have a belly :). Emily's hardly showing so far--she needs to start showing so I won't be the only one!


Shelley and Barret said...

I bet you look great! Post some preggie pics!! You've seen my belly on my blog and it's definitely not small!! I look like I could have the baby any day, not a little over 2 months!!

April Ellenburg said...

Well Erica, join my club, I'm more mad that my weight is taking longer to get off than with the first....I weigh more now than I ever have, but I could care less cause I have 2 precious boys to show for it! Take care and post some pics. Love you.