Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas and No Camera

Man time slips away from me! I had wonderful intentions of keeping up with this blog and other stuff on the computer when Christmas break began and, as you can see from the date of the last post, I failed miserably. The two week break is WONDERFUL, but goes by way too fast!

Christmas was so much fun this year. We celebrate with family for 3 days, so it's a whirlwind and a little rough on Ava's routine, but she's a champ and did great (with the exception of one night). Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Playing with her new kitchen from Santa:I just like this one because she has her "deedee" and she looks like such a big girl!
Oh yeah, and Ava accidentally dropped our camera on Christmas Eve, so these pictures are from my mom and sister. We're looking at new cameras right now, because we'll need one before Samuel makes his debut in March. We're looking at the Nikon D40s, but if anyone has suggestions on good cameras, let me know!

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Sarah said...

Hey Erica!

First, I saw you graduate in December. Congrats! My brother graduated too.

Second, I have the Nikon D40X and I love it! However, I have learned since buying that I will have trouble purchasing new automatic lenses. Automatic lenses are more expensive for the D40's and 60's because they have to have a motor in them to be automatic. If you splurged on an 80, you could buy less expensive lenses bc the motor is in the camera body itself. If you never think you'll want other lenses - not a big deal, but thought I would throw it out there. Other friends love the Canon Rebel. Not sure if it has the same lens issues, but I hear it is a really great camera. That said - I really really love my D40X, and have had zero problems using it!

Sarah "Eaves" Smith