Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So on the way in to work this morning, a really bad storm was right above the school. I get out and start walking pretty fast so I won't get too wet, and I have my umbrella up, but the wind is so bad it's not really helping. About halfway through the parking lot, lightning and thunder strike at the same time right above us---and I get struck by lightning through the umbrella. Apparently umbrella's double as lightning rods now. Well, it scared me half to death, and I drop my umbrella. I pick it up really fast and run as fast as I can in three in wedges to get in the school. About 5 car's alarms are going off then, too, because the thunder was so loud. My thumb and index fingers as well as my elbow is hurting by the time I get in school. I could see the spark go in my fingers, and I'm assuming that it went out my elbow. I'm shaking just because it scared me so much, and the guidance clerk sends me to the nurse to ask about it.

I end up calling the docs office to check with them and make sure everything's all right, and they call me back and tell me to come in for an ultrasound. Needless to say, all of the nurses and docs say they have not had anyone every come in for being struck by lightning!!! The good news is baby2 looks great and has a really strong heartbeat--162. Quay has now decided that this baby will have superpowers now. He's trying out new nicknames--lightning, rod, or powder (remember that movie?) The doc said we should name him Clark Kent Scott if it's a boy :) Yeah, I don't think so.


Brenna said...

What?!? Lightning struck you while going into school. I'm reading this thinking, "this didn't happen to Erica." I'm so glad you are ok. Lighting packs a lot of electricity and your child may really have some super powers. I will remember to not use my umbrella when there is lightning. Take care of yourself and no more lightning strikes!

Jonathan said...

That is crazy! And scary!!! I am really glad you and little man are ok :) That would never happen again in a million years...and i am sure you wouldn't want it to either!