Friday, April 24, 2009

Sam is now 5 weeks old. At his 1 month appointment, he weighed 10 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. He's a big boy! You can tell he hasn't missed a meal! He's been a great, very mellow baby. Sam did get a little cold last week and he's still getting over it, but he's been very good throughout it. The only thing he doesn't really care for is the nasal aspirator. But as soon as I pick him up, he quits crying.

Ava seems to be getting bigger everyday, too! Her vocabulary has skyrocketed the past 3 weeks. She repeats the last few words that you say, but she's putting a lot more words together now to make complete sentences. That's a relief, because we understand more of what she wants now. At first, we couldn't understand her so well, and she'd get frustrated. She's such a precious little girl. We're really blessed to have her! By the way, she used her potty today! The first time was a complete accident. She regularly asks Quay or me to go to the potty with her. She'll sit down for about five seconds, say "all done!" and get back up. Well this morning, she pee peed just a little bit when she sat down. So I made a huge deal out of it and gave her two chocolate covered pretzels. She asked for more and I told her that those were for using the potty. She asked to go back to the potty and used it for real that time! There's nothing like good ole bribery! She also pooped in the potty as well, but that scared her. She tried to jump off of the potty when it started happening, and I had to keep her on it until she was through. I doubt she'll try pooping again in the near future since it sort of scared her, but she was pumped about pee peeing! She even told my mom and sister what she had done over the phone afterwards.

I go back to the doctor next Monday for my six week check up and I'm hoping they'll give me two more weeks at home with my little man. I miss work because I really love what I do, but I'm not ready to leave him yet. If I get two more weeks, I'll only have to go back for four weeks, then I'll be home again for the summer.

Here are some pics of my gorgeous children and family:

Sam's favorite napping spot

Sam has on a little tie!!! It's just an applique (is that how you spell it?)

Our growing family

Ava hunting Easter eggs.

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