Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry!!! I'm a slacker

Well as you can tell I haven't kept up with the blog. My sister and Karis have both updated, so it reminded me I need to do so as well.

We just returned from family vacation last week. 13 people in the same house could be a little much for most people, but we were all pleasantly surprised that it was drama free all week! The kids had a blast, and Ava had fun watching the others. For the first part of the week, she didn't really know what to think about the water. It scared her when it would come towards her feet. She liked the sand okay. She took about a three hour nap everyday, which Quay loved, because that meant he also got a three hour nap.

Some of you may know that Ava has been on the brink of walking for a while--she just wouldn't let go of our hands. Well the last night there, she took off! It's kinda funny how it happened. My mom was walking her, holding her hands of course, and Emily was standing in front of her singing. (When you sing to Ava, she bounces up and down. That's her version of dancing) Emily started singing "Jump, shake your booty." I think it's from an old cheer we used to do as children. Isn't that nice that we did a cheer that tells you to jump shake your booty when we were in elementary school?!? So, she was bouncing up and down, and I guess she decided in her little mind to let go and walk! The entire family gathered at the bottom of the steps to watch. She walked to everyone!! Such a good little equal opportunity child. :) I've posted some pictures below of her walking, and everyone watching.

It was great she decided to walk when everyone could be around to watch.

We're back at home now, and Ava's staying at home with Quay and me all summer. I think it'll be great having all 3 of us at home all the time, but it's going to take some getting used to. After we get in to our schedule, I think it'll all work out fine.

On another note, some of you may not know that I do not have a job next year. I have to finish my master's in counseling, and the last semester is a 600 hour internship. I could have gotten a job as a counselor, but there weren't many positions available and it would hurt a school to hire me right now because I'm not considered "highly qualified" under the state's rules. So I'll be doing my internship at some high school near here for free, then I'll be at home after Christmas. It's a very scary adventure Quay and I are about to start. I think we're going to learn a very good lesson on budgeting, since we'll be living off of one teacher's salary for a year. Please keep us in your prayers as we learn what we need to do to stay afloat for the next year. We're going out on a leap of faith because we know that this is what I need to do for my future job and for our family's future.

That's it for now!!

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